Day In the Life

A ‘Day in the life’ session is a great way to document your family, being your family. No need for special outfits. Let the kids wear their favourite clothes if they want. No need to clean the house top to bottom, we’re looking for real life here folks. Maybe photographing a sunday picnic at the beach or a favourite hike you like to do. A special family gathering or life event. Or it can be as simple as a regular day spent at home, on your farm doing chores, or planting the garden in the spring.  We can start first thing in the morning having breakfast, then continue through the rest of the day until your tucking your little ones into bed.  There is no formal posing during these sessions. I will be documenting your life as it happens in a purely photojournalistic way. Real moments with truly authentic photographs. Please call if you would like to talk more about what to expect on one of these unique photo sessions.